Camera Housing Heater Unit



Outdoor surveillance cameras, are protected by means of housings protecting the camera from external factors. However mist can develop on housing lens in humid and cold weather, deteriorating camera vision.


In classical solutions, a heater placed into the housing operates continuously, keeping the housing lens high. However this solution brings in extra electrical load on camera system and the heater break down quickly.


By means of developed electronic thermostat heater, heating housing lens when required and preventing vision deterioration by measuring lens temperature is insured.


The heater is micro-controller based and the system has a measurement error of +/- 1 °C. Turn on and turn off temperature of the thermostat can be reprogrammed in accordance with needs. The heater operates at 24 Volts AC/DC.


The unit is protected against any possible electrical break down and has 1 year warranty involving any break down. Heater units are developed on request of TCEEGE and are still being used in outdoor cameras within the plant.

Kamera Muhafaza Isıtıcı Ünite Kamera Muhafaza Isıtıcı Ünite Kamera Muhafaza Isıtıcı Ünite