İnsan Kaynakları

Creating Difference and Awareness: Our staff is employed in a variety of positions within ongoing work and projects. Therefore, all staff gathers information about the company to the full extent and can learn about different technologies.


Our Clients: We are conscious of the fact that we exist as long as the trust of our clients exist and we desire to preserve this trust throughout whole business.

Honesty: We fulfill all of our promises and liability to the customers and staff without any provision.


Why VOLRAD: As we want to create difference in a variety of fields, we also want our staff and team-mates to experience similar difference with our clients.


  • We are a company aware of importance and necessity of continuous education. Thus we provide our staff with the opportunity to attend exclusive education programs in order for self-development


  • We are a company developing new technologies in a variety of fields within projects conducted. What we perceive as an R & D is not product development but also re-design its technology.


  • We have both full-time and part-time staff. Therefore you can both work with us and can get along with your academic career.


  • We are sharing our organization opportunities primarily with our staff, which will improve by your involvement and skills.


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