Hub Motors


Hub Motor

Thanks to their independent control which is integrated in the battery box they

can be used for a variety of systems. The power electronics is not build into the

motor. The motor power rating is not affected by the heating of the electronics.

Backwards travel possible for special applications.


Optimised geometry of flanges allows to spoke rims from 20" up to 28" without crossing.  





Pedelec 20

Pedelec Speed

High Torque

DC Source Voltage

30 V DC

Rated Power

250 W

250 W

500 W

250 W

Rated Speed

210    1/min

275    1/min

380    1/min

180    1/min


Typical Speed Limit According To Rim Size


19 km/h

25 km/h

34 km/h

16,5 km/h


23 km/h

31 km/h

43 km/h

20 km/h


25 km/h

32 km/h

46 km/h

21 km/h


28 km/h

35 km/h

50 km/h

23 km/h


Front 4,5 kg - Back 4,7 kg


External Ventilation

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The HEINZMANN PRA 230-25 is gearless axial air gap motor with integrated Wheel bearing for direct mount to the rim. Meintenance-free and noiseless operation, energy regeneration and a high starting torque are some of the benefits of this often used direct drieve.


PRA Direct Drives are offered without gears. The Wheel drive is mounted directly to the rim / via clamp-connection to the chassis. The protection class is IP65. The PRA 230-25 is available as 1-,2- or all-wheel drive. 


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Miniature Motors


Maxon RE motors are energy-efficient DC motors (efficiency > 90 %), equipped with powerful permanent magnets (rare earth).

maxon RE-motors are high-quality DC motors, equipped with

powerful permanent magnets. The centerpiece of the motor is the worldwide patented ironless rotor. This means cutting-edge technology for compact, powerful drives with low inertia. Thanks to the low mass moment of inertia, the DC motors have a high acceleration.


Ø 6 – 65 mm 
0.3 – 250 W




Maxon EC motors are characterized by split-second acceleration and an unrivaled life span.
The electrically commutated maxon EC motors are longer-lasting than their counterparts in the DC range. The long life span offered by the brushless design can be exploited particularly well using preloaded ball bearings. The EC motors have excellent torque characteristics, high power, and a wide speed range of up to 100,000 rpm. The outstanding controllability of the motors enables high-precision positioning tasks.

Ø 4 – 90 mm
1.2 – 400 W




Pancake Motors


Pancake MotorlarPancake MotorlarPancake Motorlar


The PMG 132 is a multi-pole, permanently excited DC motor with brushes. Its compact design requires for less installation space while providing strong torque of up to 38 Nm.  


The PMG 132 is a multi-pole, permanently excited DC disc motor. The Excitation field is created using high performance permanent magnets from rare earth. The disc shaped rotor has been made with copper profilled lamella at whose inner end a disc commutatır is moulded by means of suitable profiling. Power is transmitted via metalliferous carbon brushes which are optimally adapted to the shape of the commutator and conducted via a special brush holder alignment. 


The magnetic flow passes axially through the laminatin stacks This alignament reduces the air gap to the minimum required mechanically and reduces magnetic losses. What results is far greater efficiency (approx 90%) across a broad range of operating conditions.  


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